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Over the years, I have realized and come to believe in the power of a good design. There is nothing more important than creating a good layout design with elements such as readable fonts, visually pleasing colors, and a very clear message that is able to be seen and understood very quickly. In every piece I produce, I strive to create a very simple and elegant design. Just like Kate Spade, which is my biggest influence, I believe in using very simple colors accompanied by a very clean design. I believe that this style choice is the best way to get the message across, without having too many distractions. With that being said, I try to allow as much white space as possible in my designs and documents, while still covering all the necessary information. I believe that white space makes the material look neat, organized, easy to interpret, and not overwhelming. Although it has taken many years of experience, learning, and a lot of trial and error, I believe I have established myself very well as a designer and artist. I put a great effort into making clean, concise, and simple designs in my professional educational career as a designer.