Reflection One

I am happy to say that I am pleasantly surprised and proud of how far I have come. Coding seemed like a concept that I was never going to grasp, and the entire process seemed very overwhelming to me. I was also extremely confused about the FTP and the concept of the server. It seemed like so many moving parts with so many opportunities to do something wrong. However, I made sure to keep all my files very organized, write down my login and password to connect to the server, and make sure I put all of the files in the right places and linked them correctly. When I took these precautions, it really was not all that hard. By the end, it was something I just kind of did without thinking about it, which I would have never believed if you were to tell me at the beginning of the semester. I also had a little difficulty with boxes and measurements. I was very confused by the whole thing at the beginning, and how boxes and containers needed to be coded in order to look a certain way on the page. Also, when the idea of doing calculations and using graph paper came up, my anxiety immediately spiked. I never minded math too much, but when it is in combination with graph paper, I usually do not like it at all. However, I did not find this system to be very difficult. It definitely was very time consuming and difficult in that respect, but I think it was definitely worth it to lay out all the calculations and boxes because it saved me a lot of guesswork in the long wrong. Not only that, but it looked like everything was calculated and not guessed. Everything looked very neat and centered.

As of right now, I believe I have a pretty good handle on the basics of coding. For everything that we have learned so far, I believe I understood and was able to complete everything fairly well. I am doing an internship this summer, and they asked me if I knew HTML and CSS, and I said yes. Although I don’t know everything, which practice, research, and keeping around my coding books for reference, I believe I can get more advanced in coding.

If I had to make a suggestion for this class, I would suggest smaller projects and/or assignments for the first half of the semester. For example, get an end result of a webpage and try to emulate that. This way, we could focus on the coding aspect rather than the design aspect. I also think this would have given us more time to work on our professional websites, and allowed us to get to more advanced techniques in class. However, I do think the extra coding sessions were a good call so that the people that were having difficulties with coding did not hold back the rest of the class. I am excited to see where my future with coding leads, and I am very happy that I not only learned these skills, but also feel comfortable with them and (almost) enjoy it.